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Live Trading Classes

We provide live trading classes, this aint a PDF, DVD or a recorded lesson where you cant ask questions

We only provide live classes with your mentor, you can ask questions in the middle of the lesson so you understand everything that its being taught

Student Track

During our course we discuss every trade you take, what did you see that made you take that trade, why did you took it , where is your stop and take profit, we discuss every single angle in order to check if you are in the right track based on the material you have been taught in order to walk forward in your trading career

Trading Edge

With our trading strategies you will have a proven trading edge that will make you succeed in the financial markets, independently if the market is going up or down

Financial Market Trading Course

There are thousands of forex trading systems, indicators, educational DVD´s, courses and “gurus” out there, trying to be profitable for 4 years have made me read, try and watch almost everything out there and sadly 98% of it..doesn’t work. Wanting to give back and train people that are willing to learn and put the effort in order to make it in this business made me open this site. Want to give the opportunity to only 50 students and teach them everything I know, everything I am using to be profitable and avoid them the mistakes or wasting of time and money that I went thru.

I could teach 500 students in an online room, make more money and teach them all right ? that sounds great.. but I’ve been in those rooms and found myself asking questions which arent answered, having trouble getting the teach/presentor´s attention when I dont understand something and 99% of the times being ignored and I dont blame them cause..there are too many people in the room

Why 50 students only ? thats the amount of time i can devote to them, I´ve got family and kids. I wanna teach each and one of them personally, answer their emails, check how they are doing and even talk to them on the phone, my goal is to give back and provide something that really helps students that are willing to learn

What our students say about us

The advanced trading course has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I want you to know that I have learnt so much from all of your constructive input and guidance throughout each lesson of the course. You have helped me to understand where my trading strengths and weaker aspects lie, thanks for answering all my questions (i know i asked too much hehe) Thank you for making this course so enjoyable.

Brenda Watson

My education coach is the best!!! His main focus was to make sure I succeeded in my studies… Charles motivated me and thanks to him Im profitable. Thank you!!

Andrew Donaldson

Having a mentor really helped me in order to understand every aspect. You guys really made sure i learned everything thru your quiz and questions. Its been incredible how they wont mind explaining something 3 or 4 times until I fully understand it.. thx a lot !

Preeti Langesh

As for the assistance, feedback, and general help of Tradingle staff, I found them excellent. They were very patient. The feedback on tests was constructive and to the point, but always positive and motivating. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and found Tradingle to be wonderful in all aspects.

Peter Ramson
advanced trading course
regular trading course

Regular Trading Course for newbies and people that want to start and an Advanced Trading Course for those that wanna start a trading career

  • Profitable Students

    Students become profitable after taking our trading courses

  • Full Support

    We will be there for you with any question you might have 7 days a week

  • Flexible Payments

    We provide flexible monthly payment plans.

  • Flexible class hours

    Various class hours so it can fit your daily schedule

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