Advanced Trading Course

Course type: Online
Duration: 5-day ONLINE course
Cost: 995 €

Refund policy: Applicants can request a refund at any time before receiving the course. The refund shall be for the full amount received by Tradingle, minus any bank’s charges for the transfer.


It takes many skills to be a trader. You must be an analyst as well as a trader. These are two different skills you must excel in order to make it in this business. In the following series of courses we are going to focus on the How To Trade, while assuming you have completed your theoretical reading phase.

Understanding the market’s inner logic is fundamental to build your confidence in trading. But more important to win with consistency is how you act upon your knowledge. In this course we will hand you a blueprint for how to trade with your knowledge. How you can produce consistency by playing the game of probability trading with the best of price action.

Becoming a consistently profitable trader depends on your own ability to maintain a durable discipline. In this course, we will guide you on how to build your own disciplined routine. We will show you how we do it, and you can do the same; add your tweaks that suit your profile and goals to hopefully become a regular withdrawer of profits.


The program is open to individual traders who seek consistency in trading the market


The program will be tailored based on your understanding of the financial market
Commercial or institutional persons in the financial industry may not apply for this education.
Teaching platform

The training program will be run completely online. The educational material will be communicated through:

Broadcasted Presentation
Diagrams and charts
Online Webinar Platform
Course objective

This module consists 20 hours per month (based on your personal schedule) via our Online Webinar Platform.

Making you a consistent profitable trader

Session 1 – Everything about technical analysis

The Perfect entry, stop loss and target
Finding the most rewarding trade
The confirmation PA
Session 2 -Psychology preparation

Rule Base Trading – Apply your knowledge for best results
Scenario Planning – prepare for the best and the worst and in between
Building your trading routine
Session 3 – Commitment for success

Building your trading plan
Breaking down the Higher Timeframe levels to trade in the Lower Timeframes

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