How do I get into your course?

Firstly, thank you for showing an interest in both becoming a successful trader, and letting me help you achieve that goal.

I prefer to know that I can help you before I invite you to join myself and the growing list of successful traders who have taken my course.

For me to do that, please get in touch via our Contact Form, let me know what’s holding you back, and let’s see if I can help you achieve your goals.

What can I trade with the knowledge you provide in the course ?

Any financial vehicle:

commodities, forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, futures etc..

What timeframes will I be able to trade ?

With the knowledge you receive in our course you could be able to trade any timeframe you desire, although we recommend not to trade anything lower than the 1hr chart to avoid noise and false signals.

We use multi timeframe analysis and focus on higher timeframes (4hr-daily-weekly) to have a better view of the picture.

How much time should I dedicate in order to be a good trader ?

The more time you can put on your education the easier and faster you will grasp all the content, we will help you in everything in order to understand every concept and make the learning curve easier.

Do I have to be next to a computer at all times to trade ?

Thanks to the smartphones and the internet its not needed anymore, I personally set all my alerts on my computer each night, once an alert is triggered and we see what what we need to see based on the trading plan provided in the trading course, I enter the trade with my smartphone.

Some of my best trades have have been initiated at the supermarket or the gym, so there is no need to the glued to a computer anymore !

What platform or trading program do I need for the course ?

I personally would recommend you to use Tradingview or download Metatrader from https://www.metatrader5.com/en/download

Both are free and have paper trading accounts for you to get used to them.

Why should I take your course over other ones ?

I am a full time trader, this is what I do for a living, that means you will be taught by a real trader that knows all the ups and downs you will go through in your trading career , helping you in order to avoid all the mistakes Ive been thru.

All my courses are done live, where you can ask anything at the same time I am explaining it, this is no recording session where you have to email all your questions hoping they get answered.

My strategy is tested, im the proof that it makes money and I will teach you how to make money too. This is one of the most difficult jobs in the world..trust me !

I have been in the same position as you, I have been scammed and sold thousand of robots/courses/dvds which didnt helped me, I want to provide something I didnt found when I was a novice trader.

If you make money trading, why do you teach ?

I have been asked this question many many times..

I dont take every student that comes to me, I take a maximum of 30 students per course, so Im not going to get rich teaching and I really like teaching, there is no money in the world that can provide you the feeling you get when you receive a screenshot of a students trading account statement giving you thanks for teaching him.

On the other side this is a solitary job, its me and my computer and I really enjoy talking to other traders about futures trades and levels, Im checking the charts and all times and setting alerts for future trades every single day (saturdays and sundays too..yeah my wife gets mad)

How much do you make trading ?

I would recommend you first to focus on learning, learn how to trade well…forget about the money at the start. I understand that you all are willing to trade for the money..me too, dont get me wrong but first focus on “good trading” focus on following your plan to the T.

Once you are trading like a robot (following your trading plan on every single trade) you can make from 5-10 % per month, there are good and bad months like in every single business.

Is the method strictly rule based or is there also an element of discretion?

Some discretion is involved to select which trades to take but that is all covered in the course and webinars.

What percentage of your students do not succeed at trading ?

80% of my students end up profitable and on the other side 20% of my students dont, why ?

We review each  students trades and trading journal, this way we can see what they are doing wrong and where they need more help.

I have seen that some of them haven’t followed the trading plan as they are told on the advanced trading course meanwhile others haven’t worked on their psychology as we advice them.

We try to work with each student beyong our support period in order to help them on their trading career, but trading aint easy, its not going to work out in a day and you have to put the effort in order to make it work.

How can I contact you ?

You can send us an email at support@tradingle.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

FAQ didnt solve your problem?

Here are several ways to contact us

Need Support?

You can contact us via Twitter Facebook or send us an email to support@tradingle.com

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