Why Choose Our Training Programme? The Answers Are Simple

Be mentored by a REAL TRADER – someone who actually trade funds for a living

  • Personalized Trading lessons.
  • Ongoing Support & Mentorship
  • Quizzes & Assignments
  • Courses available for all levels from beginner to expert, it will be tailored based on your knowledge

Our aim? Simple. We want you to become profitable. We want to give you the best chance of achieving this

Remember up to 90% of traders lose money. This is not an easy business.

Our Training & Mentoring Programme Includes:

  • How to Draw up a Trading Plan
  • Maintain Discipline
  • Money Management
  • When you should and when you shouldnt trade
  • Simulated Trading Lessons
  • Profitable trading strategies
  • Psychology of Trading
  • Technical Analysis tricks the big dogs use
  • Chart Patterns

Some Of The Features You Want To Learn In A Trade Strategy

  • Simple To Understand
  • Easy to put in practice
  • Technically Solid
  • Clearly explained with charts and previous trades
  • Highly reliable and consistent
  • Minimizes Risks

The most important thing is getting the correct training!

Our best reputation is Your Success !

advanced trading course

– 60 hours with your mentor, this program is specially designed as “career change” as you can reduce the learning curve and be a professional trader in a short amount of time

regular trading course

– 30 hours with your mentor, you can choose how many hours you want per day, timings will be scheduled with your mentor based on your preference

What do we cover on our course ?

  • Planning and Managing the Trade
    Recognizing your edge on the charts
    Putting the odds in your favor
    Trading only “high probability” setups
    Risk Managment
  • Understanding Risk
    Improving your entry
    Money Management
    Risk reduction
    Technical Analysis
  • Pattern Recognition
    Multiple timeframes
    Price Action
    Trend lines – Channels
    Consolidation – Rectangles
    Support and Resistance
    Cup & Handle
    Rectangles – Sideways market
    Reversal Patterns
    Head and Shoulder
    Double Tops
    Moving Averages
    Fibonacci analysis
    Trade Management

  • Proper entries, price targets, exits, risk/reward, scaling out
    Planning the trade, trading the Plan
    Evolving Risk Reduction
    Trading Skills
  • Trading around confluence zones
    Analysis of Multiple Time Frames
    Price Action
    Quality of setups and follow-through
    Market & Sector Analysis
  • Relative Strength/Weakness
    Dollar Index Analysis
    Trading Psychology
    Crowd psychology
    Trading Traps
    Trading Journal
  • Tracking Pairs
    Tracking Patterns
    Confidence on your edge

If you have any question, feel free to contact us !