Private 1 to 1 Trading Sessions

Do you know how to trade but you aren’t profitable yet? Maybe a whole course is too much and you think that you only need some tweaks in order to be profitable?

We have helped many traders advance in their trading career which where in your same exact position, people that today are profitable and happy traders.

Common problems :

  • Being too emotional with PnL ?
  • Lack of daily Journal ?
  • Improper Timing ?
  • Errors calculating risk reward ?
  • Self Sabotage ?
  • Not able to hold your trade as per plan ?
  • Making stupid trades that arent in your trading plan ?
  • Taking revenge trades ?
  • Being always stopped out (you think the big guys are going after you) ?


We recommend our students to take a 5 private session package, which is enough for us to understand what are your mistakes and tell you a plan to fix them.

On the first session we will have a private interview with you, we will ask you questions based on your trading and psychological factors and from that point we will move on.


5 sessions for 495€


Let us help you !